Lurbel improves its most iconic sock and launches the new Bmax Desafío Four Lurbel improves its most iconic sock and launches the new Bmax Desafío Four

Lurbel improves its most iconic sock and launches the new Bmax Desafío Four

The Spanish brand Lurbel, with almost three decades of experience in the research and manufacture of high-performance sports socks, has established itself as a benchmark and a synonym for guaranteed quality and foot protection. This month, as part of its SS21 collection, the brand is presenting the new Bmax Desafío Four sock, a new model specifically designed for the most demanding mountain runners.

Espíritu Bmax Desafío

As its name suggests, the design of this sock is based on its predecessor, the Bmax Desafío, a top seller for the brand since 2013. They both share the same plantar configuration and employ Bmax technology, the exclusive technology that the Valencian brand uses for its socks, which is synonymous with optimum foot care. The new Desafío Four model is higher than the previous model, increasing from ankle level (6 cm above the shoe) in the original to a semi-high height (8 cm above the shoe) in the new model. With this change, which at first glance may seem like a minor detail, the brand improves one of its star products by further preventing dust and small stones or gravel from entering the inside of the sock, a logic that has already been applied to other must-have models from the brand, such as the Bmax Gravity and Bmax Track compressive models.

These extra centimetres allow the brand to provide more cushioned fabric in the heel and Achilles tendon area, thus enhancing the support and durability of the model.

Bmax Track, redesigned

You will also find some of the company's other iconic socks in this collection, such as the Bmax Track, which became part of the Lurbel product range a decade ago this year, now available in new designs and a new version in a size and colour designed for women. Bmax Track is a soft and highly versatile sock that is perfect for mountain lovers, as it performs perfectly with both trail shoes and hiking shoes.

Lurbel offers up to seven different models of socks in the field of trail running alone (low, high, compressive, unisex and Woman), demonstrating the Valencian brand’s degree of specialisation in this sport and the importance that it places on foot care and the health of athletes’ skin.