Lurbel renews its commitment to sustainability and welcomes recycled iDT Neo Lurbel renews its commitment to sustainability and welcomes recycled iDT Neo

Lurbel renews its commitment to sustainability and welcomes recycled iDT Neo

We have no intention of being just another brand, so as well as offering athletes optimal technical performance we strive to implement initiatives and procedures that allow us to be more respectful towards the environment.


iDT Neo Recycled

Lurbel has developed iDT Neo Recycled, a more sustainable version of its exclusive iDT Neo textile technology as used in 90% of the brand's textile range.

In this new version, the virgin polyester that supports the ionic carbonised bamboo particles has been replaced by recycled polyester.


How is it sourced?                                                                                        

This new polyester is obtained from industrial waste from the textile chain and selected PET containers that are shredded and extruded before being reprocessed and converted into new polymers.

Maximum performance, guaranteed

Thanks to our demanding supplier selection process, our recycled polyester supplier is a firm of Spanish origin with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) seal. This certificate guarantees that it is a more environmentally friendly yarn and that it meets all the performance requirements of the virgin polymer used so far in iDT Neo technology.

This point was fundamental for the R&D team, who were ready to make the switch from virgin to recycled polymer once it was guaranteed that the new recycled polyester would maintain its performance intact in all the products in this collection.

Every gesture counts

This commitment is the latest in a long list of sustainable initiatives included in the Lurbel Commitments campaign, which understands sustainability as a cross-cutting concept that encompasses not only environmental aspects but also social and business management as a whole.

In terms of environmental aspects, some of the measures that are already a reality at its central facilities in Ontinyent to reduce the environmental impact derived from its activity are as follows:

· Quality is Lurbel’s watchword for a rational purchase: it focuses on the quality of the garments and provides them with constant improvements to prolong their useful lives.

· A solar photovoltaic plant on the roof of Lurbel’s central facilities is capable of generating an average of 20% of the total energy required by the company.

· Lurbel’s suppliers and team members are based locally, minimising the energy costs of travel.

· Waste is separated and managed by approved companies.

· PEFC cardboard is used in the packaging of base-layer garments.

· Reusable packaging (sports bags) is used for outdoor clothing.